The Gaslight Anthem, “Halloween”

Keep it coming.

Banner Pilot, “Division Street”

And I know that there’ll be times when we’re missing the West Coast 

And remembering old ghosts we left behind before Division Street.”

Metallica, “Fuel”

This is pretty much the only Metallica song I really enjoy. Not knocking the band, just not my bag, baby. But this song, I always have it stuck in my head.

The Front Bottoms, “Flashlight”

Please fall asleep so I can take pictures of you and hang them in our room.

If you’ve seen the movie “You’re Next” you’ll know this song. It adds perfectly to the terror of the film.

Dwight Twilley Band, “Lookin For the Magic”

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I wish I were brave enough to leave everyone and everything behind and just go be a crab fisherman in Alaska or something.

And you’d never hear from me again.

Posted 1 day ago.

This is hockey porn.

Hedman to Stamkos for the goal.

New Rancid tunes…

"Collision Course," "Honor is All We Know," "Evil’s My Friend."

I think the boys are finally back…

I’m not familiar with the whiskey, but this has got to be one of the best ads in history.

I gotta admit, I’m getting tired of all of these egg heads coming out in hockey thinking that analytics are the only thing to look at. It’s not. Just because you took trig freshman year while it took me two years to pass Algebra 2 doesn’t mean you know the game any better. If you can’t recognize a system that’s on the ice and adjust, you’re numbers don’t mean shit. That’s why I thought this quote from Mike Babcock was spot on:

"Analytics are great as long as you’re using your eyes to develop those analytics. If you’re watching video and cooperating it with your breakdown, it’s great."

The Only Ones, “Another Girl, Another Planet”

Runrig, “Protect and Survive”